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  1. It's ok. I need to create a mail with .com. Problem solved.
  2. HI! Is everything fine? There is problem with create a new account. After filled all fields and clicked on create a new account, page is back to the start site and acc is not created...
  3. Hi ! Hivitro do you work now on offline shop or still on something else?
  4. OK now i know what is going on and i will be patience. Thanks for the replay.
  5. Hi! Really thanks to help me with my problem. I really like to play here, vote every day, spend a lot of time online and what i get when i need help from GM? Nothing. Only empty words because till now (1 week time) problem still exists. It makes me sad. GM just tell me you cant help me and thats all. I wont wait for fix that wont be real... Greetings
  6. Nice but please give me a favor. My shop until restart still doesn't work. Can you please make a 1 manual restart?
  7. Ok. When are you planning next server restart?
  8. Im still waiting and still nothing changed. Can admin help or i need to change server on that where players aren't leave alone?
  9. I reinstalled client and download patch. This method doesn't work...
  10. All. I activated ss on shortcut. SS works on hit BUT not on EVERY hit, not on every attack. DPS is smaller because when you need 8 hits to kill mob, you need 7 because 3 of them are not supported by SS...That is an example of course;)
  11. I log out and log in again, made offline shop. Used create button doesn't work. Nothing happend. Just try. Nick: xAdenkax. Others offline manufactures works....
  12. It seems to be fixed but when i create new shop problem repeats again. Can GM fix it right this time???Can someone answer me???
  13. Hi, I can't create any item by private creation on offline shop. I click on create button but nothing happend, but when my champ is online i can create any materials i want. What is the problem??
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